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Heather Weddell is the founder of Harmony Healthy Living, and a Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach specializing in nutrition.  Twenty years of experience as an educator, passionate about balanced healthy living – Heather knows the art of listening to your specific concerns and crafting a personalized plan to take you to your next level of living a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life.  As a client, Heather will work closely with you, coaching you to live your healthiest, most vibrant life.  Contact Heather to inquire about her revolutionary holistic coaching program – make lifestyle changes that will dramatically change your life in ways you only dreamed possible.

 Contact Heather directly at

Working with Game Changers International has provided me with the opportunity to learn from amazing health professionals and develop strong business and leadership skills from fabulously successful women.  I now earn residual income in addition to my traditional revenue – that is true stability, freedom and flexibility!  Contact me today to learn more about this incredible opportunity to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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Sharon Anderson is founder of Manifesting For Life, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Passion Test facilitator and Women’s Empowerment Coach.  Sharon works with women who want to enjoy greater health and wealth while living their life’s passion.  As someone who struggled herself with financial, mental and physical health issues, she has a passion like no other to help women manifest the life they desire.  With 25+ years experience in customer service in the office, retail, weight loss and dementia settings Sharon has true compassion for her clients and listens intently in order to help them where they need it.  She realizes that no one person is the same and personalizes her coaching towards the individual.
Contact Sharon directly at

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Carolyn Brady – Personal Health Consultant:  Carolyn has held several key customer service and relations roles in her work.  Having always been very health conscious, she has continually sought out the most healthy and natural ways of living – from maintaining a healthy weight to fighting the common cold.  Through her conscious living she has positively influenced many of her friends and family, who routinely seek her trusted advice on health and wellness.  Carolyn’s passion for living a life of vitality and her desire to share her knowledge to help others has lead her to pursue her career as an independent health consultant with Harmony Healthy Living and the Game Changers International team.

Contact Carolyn directly at for your FREE holistic health assessment, including 3 comprehensive reports on your health risks, lifestyle recommendations and suggestions on health products to benefit you.

AprilRutkaBApril Rutka – Entrepreneurial Business Coach:  After spending 10 years in sales and marketing and climbing the corporate ladder, April discovered the power of residual income through real estate and network marketing and quickly transitioned into entrepreneurial life.  April is a coach in the Network Marketing industry she teaches people how to build a steady income stream without massively changing their lifestyle. April is the co-founder charity called Holiday Helpers whose mission is to provide families in need with a customized Christmas package. The charity is 100% volunteer based and the packages are personally delivered to the families and include warm clothing, presents, a fully decorated Christmas tree, and Christmas dinner.  April loves to share her income generating tips on her blog at which is a resource centre to give insights for making the most of your most valuable resource – your time! In April’s spare time she is an avid hockey player, runner, and proud Auntie to Joshua and Lilly Arnold.


Cecilia Miller – Personal Health Consultant: Cecilia is currently studying with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, taking their Holistic Natural Nutrition course.  She plans on using this knowledge along with her Personal Support Worker experience to focus on preventative medicine through proper nutrition and supplementation.  As a Health Consultant with Harmony Healthy Living and the Game Changers International, Cecilia enjoys working with new people to help them make positive lifestyle changes.

Contact Cecilia directly at for your FREE holistic health assessment, including 3 comprehensive reports on your health risks, lifestyle recommendations and suggestions on health products to benefit you.

” I look forward to helping you LOVE LIFE AND LIVE IT! “

Please check back soon as we continue building this page with more of our dedicated wellness and lifestyle professionals 🙂


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