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What is prosperity?

prosperityWhat is Prosperity?

Prosperity is a noun, derived from the verb to prosper.  Prosper comes from the Old French verb prosperer and Old Latin prosperare, meaning “cause to succeed, render happy”.  So, in that light, prosperity is success and happiness.

Most people immediately think of money when they imagine prosperity.  One could not argue very strongly against the idea of money being attached to prosperity, but money is not the only key.  Imagine having all the money you could ever want, but you have no family or friends and people regard you with disdain.  Are you truly prosperous? Successful?  Happy?  I wouldn’t think so.

Success and happiness are also major keys to true prosperity – one might even argue that these two keys would make you more prosperous than money alone.  Success is a favourable or desired outcome.  So really, success is something different for each person and changes frequently depending on ones goals.  If your only goal was to get out of bed today, I suppose you might consider yourself a success if you are sitting upright on the sofa.  But are you truly happy, content or satisfied with that?  Doubtful.  That brings us to the happiness key.

Happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.  Again, happiness is created somewhat differently for each person. However, I have to revisit the “state of well-being” part of that definition.  What is well-being?  Is it not wellness? health? comfort? security?  In that light, your overall wellness plays a big part in your happiness.

Prosperity has three keys: Happiness, Success, and  Wealth – in that order.  

Start with happiness – achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.  Your body, mind and spirit are all connected.  True wellness comes from a balance of optimal nutrition, movement and fulfillment.  A wellness coach can help you to find that balance in your life.

Success will be more attainable if you have true wellness and happiness.  You will have the energy, creativity and confidence to set admirable goals for yourself and to maintain the path to achieve those goals and experience your success with gratitude.

Wealth will follow.  Being well and having successful habits will attract wealth.  You will have all the money you need, but you will have riches greater than that – health, peace, love, joy and gratitude in abundance.

Now, you truly have prosperity.

Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 3.54.59 PMIt is that time of year again – New Year’s Resolutions.  You may have already set your resolutions, you may have already broken them, or you may just be wondering how on earth you will accomplish them this year.  Here are some things to keep in mind on your journey to make 2013 your best year yet:

What did you accomplish last year? Before you start criticizing yourself and setting your goals for this year, take some time to reflect on last year.  What was great about last year?  Consider every positive step and every success, no matter how small it was.  You may not have achieved all of your big goals or kept all of your major resolutions, but you definitely made some progress and moved in the right direction.  Remember that success is not just the end result – it is all the little steps along the way, all those small decisions you make each and every day that add up to real accomplishment and noticeable success in the end.

What does your heart tell you? The heart is more powerful than the mind.  If you want to know the desires of your heart, consider where your mind wanders to.  Your mind naturally follows your heart.  True fulfillment in life requires that we follow our hearts.  Tune out everyone else’s opinions and all the media and advertising out there.  Look inward, that is where the real answers lie to your fulfillment.

Are your goals too big?  People commonly make big resolutions at New Year’s: I am going to lose 30 pounds!  I am going to get a promotion at work!  I am going to be more patient!  I am going to get fit and healthy!  These are all admirable goals but are they attainable?  The answer is YES, but not when simply stated like this.  Goals need to be broken down into smaller, more manageable mini-goals.  That way, instead of getting frustrated because your ultimate goal is so far away and seemingly unattainable, you can celebrate all your successes along the journey to your ultimate goal.  Weight loss is a common example: Break that 30 pounds down into a reasonable 2 pounds a week – that is a weekly celebration that done consistently will have you at your ultimate goal before you realize it!

Do you have a plan?  You wouldn’t set out on road trip without a plan of how to reach your destination.  How are you going to reach your goal?  What steps do you need to take?  What changes do you need to make?  Using the weight loss of 30 pounds, broken down into 2 pounds a week, consider what you need to do each week/each day to accomplish that.  Perhaps you need to purge your kitchen of all the tempting food items that you need to avoid.  You need to know what you will eat and how you will prepare it.  You will need a back up plan for those crazy days.  Decide what exercise you will do, when you will do it and how often.  Put your plan in writing, review it regularly and modify it periodically.

Do you have support?  Big changes can be very difficult.  You need support.  Finding a good friend with similar goals and working together can offer tremendous support.  Unfortunately, friends can have the same weaknesses as you and often may not risk taking a stand to tell you when you are off track.  Consider this carefully.  Perhaps, you are ready for a coach who specializes in the area of your goals.  There are plenty of dedicated business coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, life coaches and wellness coaches out there.  A professional coach will work with you on your goals, consider you as a whole and unique person and will help hold you accountable.  Choosing the right coach can make all the difference in your journey to attaining your goals.  Contact us to inquire about the revolutionary holistic coaching  program, “Ten Power” offered by Heather Munroe.

Are you being fair and reasonable? Most of all, be kind to yourself.  You wouldn’t let anyone else speak to you the way to speak to yourself sometimes.  Make conscious choices everyday, knowing that all those seemingly small and meaningless steps will lead you to success in the end.  Be reasonable.  You will make mistakes, you will have bad days.  Consider your errors, reflect upon them and their causes, learn from them, then let them go and move on.  Continue to make positive, conscious decisions throughout each day of your journey.  Congratulate yourself for everything, everyday.  You are a beautiful, wonderful person who is committed to self-improvement.  Love and appreciate yourself for who you are.


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