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3B & 3C Science Reminders

We are working very hard in class to research the famous structures chosen by students for their project. Each student will use their research to complete a brochure in class for their famous structure. Our goal is to have these finished before Thursday of this week.

On Thursday morning, the grade 3 classes will set up their model structures along with their brochure. Each class with set up in their homeroom classroom and have the opportunity to share their models and learning with other students in the school. Please ensure that your child has brought their model structure to school on or before this Thursday.

Next week, students will give an oral presentation in front of their homeroom class, about their structure. There is a checklist in your child’s science duo-tang outlining the components of their oral presentation. 3C will give their presentations on Tuesday February 21st. 3B will give their presentations on Wednesday February 22nd.

It is going to be an exciting week of sharing and discovering!



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