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What is prosperity?

prosperityWhat is Prosperity?

Prosperity is a noun, derived from the verb to prosper.  Prosper comes from the Old French verb prosperer and Old Latin prosperare, meaning “cause to succeed, render happy”.  So, in that light, prosperity is success and happiness.

Most people immediately think of money when they imagine prosperity.  One could not argue very strongly against the idea of money being attached to prosperity, but money is not the only key.  Imagine having all the money you could ever want, but you have no family or friends and people regard you with disdain.  Are you truly prosperous? Successful?  Happy?  I wouldn’t think so.

Success and happiness are also major keys to true prosperity – one might even argue that these two keys would make you more prosperous than money alone.  Success is a favourable or desired outcome.  So really, success is something different for each person and changes frequently depending on ones goals.  If your only goal was to get out of bed today, I suppose you might consider yourself a success if you are sitting upright on the sofa.  But are you truly happy, content or satisfied with that?  Doubtful.  That brings us to the happiness key.

Happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.  Again, happiness is created somewhat differently for each person. However, I have to revisit the “state of well-being” part of that definition.  What is well-being?  Is it not wellness? health? comfort? security?  In that light, your overall wellness plays a big part in your happiness.

Prosperity has three keys: Happiness, Success, and  Wealth – in that order.  

Start with happiness – achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.  Your body, mind and spirit are all connected.  True wellness comes from a balance of optimal nutrition, movement and fulfillment.  A wellness coach can help you to find that balance in your life.

Success will be more attainable if you have true wellness and happiness.  You will have the energy, creativity and confidence to set admirable goals for yourself and to maintain the path to achieve those goals and experience your success with gratitude.

Wealth will follow.  Being well and having successful habits will attract wealth.  You will have all the money you need, but you will have riches greater than that – health, peace, love, joy and gratitude in abundance.

Now, you truly have prosperity.

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